My Story

My story? When I found out the plant was closing, I went cold inside. "Here I am, simple business ideasall these bills and out of work?" It seemed like no matter where I applied, they were thinking "Oh no, it's another one of those guys from the layoff..."

    I finally did find work but the pay was nothing like before. "How can I make money working from home?" I wondered. I needed ideas to make extra money at home, the most profitable business ideas, to help me find a way to make money at home so I could earn money working from home part time.

    I started searching for home based business ideas, ways to make extra money with simple business ideas to help me make money from home. What I like most about these part time, home based business ideas is that these cool ways to earn money can get you easy money working from home. simple business ideas

    I know a lot of guys are in the same boat - looking for the best work from home business ideas, business ideas for working from home to help you run your own business from home. That's why I made this little work from home guide. I'm listing the best work from home business ideas I found, simple profitable businesses you can start so you can earn money at home part time.

Surprisingly simple way to turn trash into treasure - in the foreclosure clean up business

Steve found a way to turn the recession into a recession-proof business, cleaning out foreclosures.

     Steve tells it this way, "Thousands of foreclosed homes have hit the market, left with debris inside and out and the grass is left uncut for weeks or months.  Properties left in disrepair result in code violations and banks get fined."
Earn money from bankers and brokers
Steve offers videos
  • Can the bank sell the foreclosures in this condition?  No! 
  • Can the employees at the bank clean foreclosures? No!  
  • Will a Realtor show the property in this condition? No!  
  • Will the banks pay someone to clean foreclosed homes and cut the lawn?   Yes!
But, isn't the recession over? Maybe, but according to experts, banks are sitting on a frightening number of foreclosures and will want out fast as things get better!

     Sounds good but what about start-up costs? Steve assures us "This is a real business, needs no experience and very little money up front. You probably have all the necessary tools at your own home."  

     Steve is so certain you will like his offer that he backs it up this way: "We are so confident in our guide that we will offer your readers a 100% 60 day money back guarantee!"

     I like what Steve has to say and I'm impressed with his warranty, would you like to know more? Click here to visit Steve's website and start making quick money with foreclosure clean up!

Insider's guide to crazy easy cash owning a lawn care business

Maybe you mowed lawns for pocket money when you were a kid. I know I did. Well, it's a whole different world now and you'll make a lot more than that fiver you got back in the day.

Start lawn care business from home
Kevin knows
     I discovered that Kevin has this business nailed and he tells us "I've been successful in this business for 18+ years, and I know what it takes to make a profit. I can show you how to do the same thing!"

Some business promotions little more that spam emails from scam websites.  Kevin says "My program is credible information based on my real world experience and the experiences of other professionals in the lawn care business." 
Does Kevin back up these promises?  Kevin puts it this way, "To prove to you how fair I am, I’ll offer a 60-day money-back guarantee to your readers".

          If Kevin has your attention, click here to visit Kevin's website and get money, keep your independence and own your own business!

Secret trick to make extra money fast with this simple plan for a roof and deck cleaning business

In the part of the country where I live, mold, mildew and weather stains are a constant problem for both homeowners and commercial properties. When I went looking for home based business ideas I found John's cool business idea and frankly, I was amazed.   
new approach save money and time
Cleaning up!

     John says "My system uses labor and chemical savings features so that you can clean most siding, roofs and decks in a fraction the time using half the chemicals. This money maker is low impact, high profit low-pressure cleaning."

     In reviewing John's program, I learned that the only places for high pressure washing is for popping bubblegum off of sidewalks and cleaning mud off heavy equipment!

     John backs up his program with an 8 week guarantee and tells us “If you are not fully satisfied, simply email us and you will receive a full and immediate refund.”

Now there's no reason to wait - Click here to visit John's website and start your second income today.

Expert reveals power packed profits with easy wood projects you can do at home

Jim's 'work from home' business idea really got my attention.  I've always been handy with tools and I was amazed to learn that I might be able to make extra money on the side with my woodworking skills.
home based income with wood projects
Jim will show you how
     Jim, the man who discovered this profitable small businesses, says "I started my woodworking business with no capital, a few shop tools, and lots of nerve."

The shocking discovery, Jim tells us, is that "the hardest part was understanding how to turn my hobby into a real business that made money. I made costly mistakes but you don't have to - I will show you how to start a profitable woodworking business."

     Like you, I'm looking for ways to make money on the side and I don't want any scams, I want people who stand behind what they sell. Here what Jim says "When you order, you will have a full 60 days to view the product risk-free.  If you aren't satisfied then I'll happily refund every penny."

     I learned a lot more about Jim and his surprising second income idea at Jim's website - click here to make extra money fast with easy wood projects.

Great idea earning extra money owning a service business

Many of the offers I found were work at home scams, but Sam looks legit - he tells us "I have been in the office cleaning business for more than 20 years. As an employee, I worked hard for other people and was paid well for my services of running a cleaning crew."
avoid spam and scam websites, work with an experienced professional
Sam is the man with the plan

     I thought this kind of business would need a big up front investment but Sam says "I started my office cleaning business with a spray bottle and a borrowed vacuum cleaner. I was bringing in real money."

     But, isn't this market jammed with too many businesses?  Sam tells us "No, there's a tremendous amount of business out there and there's plenty of room for you to earn money from home."

    I wondered if this is another scam, like 'how to make money on youtube.'  Sam assures us that "I'm so confident you'll be satisfied that you have a full 60 day money back guarantee. You will be satisfied with it or your money back!"

     No rip off artist would stand behind their offer like this so I'm comfortable sharing Sam's website, Click here to visit Sam's page and start your home based small business today - this guy rocks!

See what happens when an expert puts you behind the wheel in medical transportation!

First, I had to figure out just what a non-emergency medical transportation company might be!
earn at home with a transportation business
Joel shares his experience
     Joel explains that "With your non-emergency medical transportation service, you will transport people to and from medical appointments, in and out of hospitals, nursing facilities, or from residences to various medical appointments."

     Joel gives us the seven top markets in this incredible work from home niche, and all seven are growing fast.

  • No life-saving or emergency skills required
  • Start small, systematically grow your business
  • Increase your net worth and positive cash flow
     Of course, I want my readers to be confident of their satisfaction and here's how Joel backs up his offer: "To demonstrate how much I stand by this opportunity, I offer a full 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee to the readers of your blog!"

     That's good enough for me and if it's good enough for you then click here to hop on over to Joel's website and drive your way to a great part time or full time income.

Seasonal smash hit - cash in on Christmas but only if you move fast!

I sure like the idea of turning Christmas into a money maker instead of a money taker. Christmas Kings' complete package makes it profitable and easy to start.

     If you think you might be interested, please do not delay. You will need to hit the ground running to be successful and fortunately, this Christmas Light Business Start Up Package and Training Video has everything you need to start your business today.

     You know, I really loved Christmas as a kid but, as a grown up, the expectations, the stress and the money really ruined it for me. The Christmas Kings business start up package changed all that. Now, Christmas looks fun again with the opportunity to make real Christmas cash working from home with this complete start up kit.

  • Five Christmas light business training manuals with in-depth, step-by-step professional industry knowledge.
  • Advice, advertising materials and ready-to-use templates
  • All necessary forms for running a successful and profitable business
  • A comprehensive Christmas lighting business training video
  • This is the most expensive offer on my blog but I decided to post about this business opportunity because it's a great way to make money during the slow season for handyman businesses.
     My regular readers know what comes next - where's the guarantee? Christmas Kings answer?

     "Order the package and take up to 60 days to decide if this program is right for you. If you still feel unsure or if the program is not working for you, you either see results or you get a refund so you have absolutely nothing to risk here."

     If you are looking for a way to make some extra income during the winter months then the best thing that you can do is join the profitable world of holiday lighting! You can literally be up and running just hours from now.

Bring on the King - Christmas Kings, that is. Click here to visit the Christmas Kings website and learn how to turn a money taker into a money maker